What We Have Learned From The Symbian Story

Symbian had its ups and downs. The story itself is very relatable for every businesses and entrepreneur who are trying to survive the “Game of Thrones” of life. It doesn’t matter if you are just a newbie trying to make a name for your business or if you are trying to get cheap website traffic, you are subject to change and the consequences of those change. So let’s go back in time and learn from the Symbian Story.


Change Could Be Your Friend or Worst Enemy

Symbian’s downfall which led to the downfall of Nokia was due to failing to change. What’s unique about change is it is time sensitive. You have to take action using your best intuition. Symbian got stuck what we call the “status quo”. They failed to adapt to the rising needs of their users while they had the chance. When they started to embrace change and buy traffic for website, it was too late. The sales have declined, consumers’ trust lost, and more competitors were eating the market for breakfast. They have lost their place. What’s worst is they lost everything.


Importance of Innovation

Innovation means starting something new and creating a breathing space for great ideas no matter how crazy they are. Steve Jobs the founder of Apple said that crazy people can change the world because they are not limited to what’s possible and what’s not. They can create come up with new ideas on how to buy website traffic and find solutions to problems most people thought were impossible to solve. Innovation can give wings to businesses to soar the vast open market.


Even Giants Fall

What we’ve learned about Symbian is no matter how big you are, you can fall. Symbian was the biggest mobile OS back in 1998. They had the best resources and the best minds to keep things going great. But at the end of the day, the universe is fair. It doesn’t big or small you are. It cares about your drive to win. As the lesson learned, we should never let our fire be put out. We should never settle for status quo and never lose heart.