Mobile Technology Predictions

Are you excited about what’s next about mobile technology? If your answer is yes, so we are. Today, you might think that this is all there is. You have this amazing smartphone you got with coupon codes on products, but there’s more you should anticipate in these coming years. Development of new technology cannot be stopped.

Processors Equivalent to Super Computers

Smartphones can almost do everything that a computer does. But we’re talking about processors that are capable of many things that only supercomputers could do. This news brings chills to our spine. As much as we want to save money on electronics, we’re sure that we can’t resist getting our hands on these super smartphones. We can just imagine the convenience of having a computer without the bulk. According to news, these processors could enable smartphone for advanced programming. Such a piece of good news for programmers.


Spontaneous Digital Assistant

You might know Ciri. But don’t be surprised if you’ll meet a new digital assistant who can talk like a human. It is so human that you’ll forget that you are talking to an AI. Artificial intelligence is progressing really fast. Many companies are trying to delay the application of AI to their systems due to the fact that it so capable that they would need to do a mass firing. On the other hand, improvement of AI can lead to many innovations in robotics and of course a better digital assistant.

No More Low Battery Problems

According to the latest tech news, companies are working on a new technology called “NanoBattery”. Instead of using a lithium-ion battery, they will use graphene ball that can store radio signals which convert to power. If the people behind this technology are successful, we can have smartphones that don’t need batteries. You can say goodbye to low battery issues. For now, since this technology is currently being developed for public use, gather as much online shops voucher codes as you can. Because the first release of this technology will not be cheap.