About Us

Challenge for Programmers

Dotsis.net believes that this world will be a better place through the advancement of technology. The paradigm shift for programming is consistently changing over the years. But as we progress we have forgotten much software that drove the betterment of many software we know today. As programmers, we feel that this is unfair. So, we challenge great programmers to partake to the recreation of Symbian. We think that this a good motivator to drive programmers to create better programming through recreating old software such as Symbian. We have this special taste for Symbian because there is so much potential to this software. With the existing technology development, they created before everything went down the drain, this would be a delightful challenge to partake in. You might think that creating a website just for this challenge is too much. But we know that this is worth the try.


Junior Friendly Programmers

Are you a fresh grad who got into the crazy world of programming? You just have found your best buds right here. Dotsis.net creates an atmosphere for programmers to learn together. There will be no seniors or juniors. We are just people who know how to code and dedicate an enormous amount of time to improve our coding. Besides, the coding world never ceases to change. Juniors will have so much to learn from us. There’ll be projects like edarling dating site. Let’s change how you see programming. Start while you are young, and we promise you that opportunities will come after you. Get hands-on experience to get you prepared for the real world. We all need to learn continuously to effectively bring out concepts that were never realized before. So, if you are interested to be part of our group, send us a message.